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First light with new observatory configuration

First light with new observatory configuration

Recently added Pier-Tech PT3 and got ME-II/OAE side-by-side with multi-scope arrangement working. This is master on target IC434 using ASI533MC pro on TSA120 with 0.7x reducer (F/5.3 @635mm FL) providing 1-degree FOV. The pic is ‘quick’ test for longer unguided exposures where collected 20x 600s lights (bit over 3-hours). Processed in PI WBPP against bias/darks/flats and exported master to JPG. The OSC was run at unity gain 100/offset 20 & cooled to 0C. Conditions were during full moon (SQM was 17.25) with mediocre seeing. I’m typically running unguided with Paramount tpoint model/pro-track on the ME-II/OAE.

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