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Comet C 2022 Stack 60frames 600s 115

Comet C 2022 Stack 60frames 600s 115

Comet C/2022 - 1/17/2023
EAA - 10 minutes

Scope: At115EDT with reducer/corrector. 644mm focal length
Camera: ASI2600MC Pro - 6248x4176, Gain 450, 10s subs, -10C, no darks or flats

First attempt on C/2022 ... now north in the constellation of Bo├Âtes. Push the histogram a bit (noisy background) to better see the tail features of the comet. Also pushed the gain to try and get a fast image of the comet before it moved much across the background sky.

From the size of the comet and tail - a faster image using my SCT with darks and flats applied looks like a good follow up image. This depends on the skies which have been cloudy for the past 6 weeks.

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