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C/2022 E3 ztf

  • Owner: jprideaux (View all images and albums)
  • Uploaded: Jan 20 2023 08:01 AM
  • Camera: VAONIS vespera-e45f0191ea06
  • Taken: 2023:01:20 07:59:18
  • Views: 235
  • Album: imaging
C/2022 E3 ztf

Comet C/2022 E3 ztf captured at 6 AM Jan 20th 2023 at about 60 degrees altitude from a bortle 4.7 location (no moon).
Image taken with the Vespera Telescope using 10 seconds exposures at a gain level of 25 db. Total integration time 11 minutes. 67 sub-exposures. No filters.
Image post-processed in the following way.

  • Load TIFF into Affinity Photo and do the tone persona and lower the exposure as much as it allows
  • Make a layer of no stars and just stars.
  • working on "no stars layer" do a curves to bring out the ion-trail a bit. Lots of noise at this point.
  • run no-stars layer through Topaz anti noise (severe noise defaults).
  • do another curves on the no-stars layer. Also adjust the black level a bit.
  • Do a second pass through Topaz anti-noise (standard defaults)
  • add back in the "just stars" layer and export JPG.

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