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comet 115 Stack 26frames 260s

comet 115 Stack 26frames 260s

Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF)
Data collected on the night 02-03-2023 and 02-04
4.3 minute EAA view

Note: Moon is near full on this night and nearby

Scope: AT115EDT, dedicated r/c, 644mm focal length, F/5.6
Camera: ASI2600mc pro

  • Capture Area=6248x4176
  • 1.2" pixel scale
  • Gain 450
  • Subs 10S
  • Cooling -10C
  • Raw16 color space
  • Darks, and Flats Applied
Typical FWHM in the low to mid 4.5 range
comet_115 (first images of the night)

Observation Notes (using the view orientation for discussion)
  • the comet had a noticeably elongated coma when looking at 10 second exposures.
  • comet was moving directly left over time. This was easily noticed from successive 10 second subs
  • this means the sun direction is oriented downward.
A very short view is captured here to avoid cometary distortion and motion compared to the background stars.

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