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Galaxies M81 (Bode's) and M82 (Cigar)

Astrophotography Imaging

Galaxies M81 (Bode's) and M82 (Cigar)


Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses - Askar 107PHQ
Imaging Cameras - ZWO ASI2600MC Pro
Mounts - ZWO AM5
Filters - Antlia Triband RGB Ultra Filter - 2.00'' Mounted
Software - Adobe Photoshop · Aries Productions Astro Pixel Processor (APP)
Guiding Telescopes Or Lenses - SVBony SV106 60mm Guide Scope
Guiding Cameras - ZWO ASI178MM

Acquisition details

300s x 43 [Total Exposure 3:35]; with dark, flat, and dark-flat frames
Resolution: 3225x2767
File size: 14.5 MB
Locations: Williston, VT, Williston, VT, United States
Data source: Backyard (44.2N, 73.11W)
Bortle Class 4

RA center: 09h55m29s.0
DEC center: +69°17′45″
Pixel scale: 1.038 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: 123.369 degrees
Field radius: 0.613 degrees

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