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ngc2254 cone rosette 180 Stack 60frames 1200s

ngc2254 cone rosette 180 Stack 60frames 1200s

Wide Angle View of Rosette Nebula and Cone Nebula - no flats
20 minute EAA view
Initial night testing the FMA180 with the ASI2600mc pro - 4.3" pixel scale

This is a very wide 7.4x5.0 degree field of view that captures the area around the Rosette Nebula and the Cone Nebula. This image is a test using no flat corrections. You will notice the subtle background noise bulge around the center of the view. This is partially testing this new EAA combination under moonless skies and B5 suburban skies, and it is a quick informal test of the effectiveness of flats for this scope. This image was collected before flats were generated. Flats were then generated and a follow up EAA view of the same object was generated, this time with flats applied.

Scope - FMA180, 40mm aperture, 180mm focal length with dedicated reducer, F/4.5
Camera - ASI2600mc pro - 20s subs, 350 gain, -10C, darks, no flats

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