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NGC 2997, March 2023

NGC 2997, March 2023

I got another few hours on NGC2997 on Friday night bringing the total integration time to about 5.25 hours in Bortle 6 skies. This was my first attempt at processing with APP, which is still very much of a black box to me, but its step-by-step approach was easy to follow.

I was unhappy with the results with the Meade f/6.3 reducer I had been using previously, so this time I captured at my C9.25" SCT's native focal ratio (f/9.3), with a Celestron CGEM, Canon 700D and ZWO OAG.

Processed in APP, Photoshop and Neat Image for NR.

NGC2997 Luminance session 1 session 2 session 3 St 20BG3Sigma0Base Ps1 filtered ps2sm50.jpg

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