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Dwarf Planet (136472) Makemake (GIF) 03-27-23

Dwarf Planet (136472) Makemake (GIF) 03-27-23

March 27, 2023 04:29:02-07:12:33 UT
Seeing: Fair-Good Transparency: Fair
Sky Brightness: Bortle 7 (Suburban-Urban)
Moon 31%, bright, waxing crescent.
2.75-hour, nine-image, animation.
Each image 1200 sec (20 frames at 60 seconds), gain 250.
Orientation: North is up. East is left.
Field of View: 28.9 x 15.5 arcminutes
MPC predicted Vmag: 17.1
Captured with SharpCap
Processed with DeepSkyStacker, GIMP
Telescope: Celestron C8 (203mm SCT f/10) operating at f/5.8 (using Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer/flattener + 128.5 mm spacers)
Camera: ZWO ASI482MC
Mount: Celestron CGEM
Location: Edmond, Oklahoma USA

make final compressed anim3 anno Dew remove 8bit indexed inset resize 800x430 crop 1704x916 1920x1080 032723 042902 071233Z 9Stack 20frames 1200s

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