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June 2023 Sketching Contest Winner is Tom Axelsen Congratulations Tom!

June 2023 Sketching Contest Winner is Tom Axelsen Congratulations Tom!

Tom Axelsen (Tom Axelsen)
44 Boötis - 8 Years of observations
All sub-sketches compiled in one sketch on May 30th, 2023
Møn, Denmark (My backyard)
Takahashi Mewlon 180 mm f:12, Zeiss Abbe Barlow @ 2x, Orthos or Supermonocentrics for magnifications from 540x to 720x
140 g / m2 sketching paper, Graphite B and 2B pencils
Conditions: Seeing good to great (7 - 9 / 10). Transparency not noted during the observations.

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    Tom Axelsen
    Aug 15 2023 06:20 AM

    Thanks for all yours nice comments! :)


    Tom Axelsen
    Aug 15 2023 06:31 AM

    This is a great and very informative documentation. For me this is not clear:

    The sketching is quite simple (I could do that provided the the very same observations and gifted with enough patience)

    The great thing about this is not the sketching but the observing. So this also contributes to such award?

    In comparison I have in mind really great sketches like paintings which I never knew how how they produce them. They really add some impression while the above just delivers exact information.

    (Don't want to run down your observation, Tom, it's just my understanding of sketching)

    Quite in fact, a "sketch" is no "painting", but the last sketches awarded looked like paintings. So I'm in doubt about the criteria for such a nomination.


    If the simple sketch inspires people to get out and observe, I think it fulfills the award just as much as the "paintings".



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