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Messier 56

Messier 56


Bortle 7 skies (under good conditions)
Nikon D5600 camera
ISO 200
Astro-Tech AT102ED refractor, 714mm focal length, f/7
HoTech 2" SCA field flattener (1X)
iOptron CEM26 mount
30s x 256 frames (2h 8m)


Siril 1.2.0:

Crop to 4000 x 3000px
Photometric color calibration
Background extraction
Generalized hyperbolic stretch (3 times)
Saturation reduction in cyan/blue (to reduce blue star fringes)
Saturation increase global
Manual histogram adjustment

RawTherapee 5.9:

Exposure compensation
Luminance noise reduction

GIMP 2.10:

Luminance curve adjustment

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