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IMG 9234och9244MedENdarkframe

Astrophotography DSLR Equipment Mount

IMG 9234och9244MedENdarkframe

This was a test to see how accurate my polar alignment is using drifting since I cannot see polaris from my southern part of the house.
2 images each 10 secs long manually stacked with and one darkframe to get rid of the sensors hot pixels.
The mount and telescope holding the DSLR is the simple six inch with the RA drive engaged
Drifting method seems to work with no longer than 10secs long. However,The quality of the zoom lens at max zoom (200mm-that is 320mm aps-c) seems obvious. Vignetting.
Sigma DC 18-200mm f 3.5-6.3. Canon 400D 10secs

    Messier 15 at top right and Enif Pegasi at lower left. Enif heavily distorted at max zoom because of the low quality of the sigma lens. The drifting method for polaris seems to be okay for 10secs.

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