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C30 Stack 305frames 3050s trim labbel DNA Low light

C30 Stack 305frames 3050s trim labbel DNA Low light

NGC7331, C39 in Pegasus
Arp 319 Stephans Quintet (upper portion of the view)

51 minute AP view
Started as an EAA view with some noise reduction at the end

AT115EDT at F/5.6
ASI2600mc pro - 450 gain, -10C, 10s subs, darks and flats applied
No guiding, dithering applied, 1.2" pixel scale

I normally use my SCT to capture this set of objects in the sky (about 75-80% faster) but happened to have my refractor out for a long night (15-20 objects viewed) and this was just begging to be imaged. My tendency is to be a bit more conservative in histogram stretching than many AP views of this same region of the sky .. I just like it this way. The night had good transparency, but from experience ... the local night sky was seeing limited ... not scope resolution limited. This is often the case in Midwest skies.

This means the pixel scale on my refractor was not limiting my resolution of these objects. My SCT has a bit better pixel scale - but the image would not be resolved any better on this night. Both NGC7331 and Stephans Quintet are small in this view - since they have full resolution - just trim down the views to make the galaxies larger. This scope is configured to be as fast as possible, but not compromise on sky limited resolution.

BUT - the original image is around 6000x4000 pixels. Even the large image format at CN drops down the resolution -- sigh.

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