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72mr 15s Stack 63frames 945s

72mr 15s Stack 63frames 945s

Stephan's Quintet
Old 2021 - 16 min monochrome EAA view

Purpose is to compare original EAA rig efficiency against newer color EAA configurations. This view is from November 2021 in Clayton Lake NM.
This image was taken on a windy night and before I standardized on exposure lengths on the mount that provided best star shapes (12s or less). It was near the end of a longer EAA run and the focus for this image is a bit suspect.

The main thing to notice is the reach of this little scope and a monochrome camera. Going to an hour exposure would have doubled the S/N of the image - but this demonstrates the reach of the little system and monochrome for faint and smaller objects in the sky. Flats were less of an issue in the darker sky - but should have been used.

AT72EDii and reducer - F/4.8
ASI178mm - gain 350, 15s subs, darks, no flats
1.44" pixel scale

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