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Asteroid (5) Astraea 01-29-24 (compressed)

Asteroid (5) Astraea 01-29-24 (compressed)

Compressed animation of Asteroid (5) Astraea at V magnitude 10.1 moving through the constellation Orion at 0.30”/min (17.7”/hr) toward 305.7°

Observation Details
January 29, 2024 04:11:46-06:41:02 UT
Seeing: Fair Transparency: Fair Sky Brightness: Bortle 7
Location: Edmond, Oklahoma USA

Image Details
149-minute (2.5) Hour time-lapse animation.
North up. East left.
13 (of 50) images, each a stack of 18 @ 10 seconds (total integration per image 180 seconds/ 3 minutes).
Gain 250
FOV: 61.6 x 38.5 arcmin (1.03°x 0.64°)

Telescope: Orion ST-80 (80 mm f/5) + Orion Field Flattener + Baader Fringe Killer Filter
Camera: ZWO ASI482MC
Guide Scope: SVBONY SV165 (30 mm f/4)
Mount: Celestron CGEM

Image Capture & Processing
Capture: SharpCap Pro
Guiding: PHD2
Process: Deep Sky Stacker, GIMP

NOTE: The originally posted animation was removed and replaced with this animation. This animation was reprocessed to remove a spurious hot pixel moving right-to-left near center upper edge of image.

5 anim1 8 Bit clean compress anno full lvls 800x500 012924 041146 064102z Stack 18frames 180s

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