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Depicting 16 Vulpecula

Depicting 16 Vulpecula

This is how I saw 16 Vul with my CR150, except the following component was a little fainter. At 600x, although components were still touching, not only could I see the deep notching in the disks but also I could see a depression in the first diffraction ring. This was the only magnification that I was clearly able to identify the diffraction rings belong to two separate components. A check shows WDS lists 16Vul = STT 395 RA20020 +2456 5.83-6.12/0.8" PA 124 yr2003 Spectral F2 Highly magnified diffraction and Airy disk images generated by Abberator, a freeware software written by Cor Berrevoets, Ritthem, The Netherlands, http://aberrator.ast....net/index.html

    That's close enough to being a split for my purposes. Looks like a celestial automobile coming at you. Thanks.
    Aug 08 2013 08:44 AM
    Excellent, thanks for sharing this splitting picture of 16 Vul.

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