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Thors Helmet Revisited with L-eNhance


Sam Danigelis 2024

Thors Helmet Revisited with L-eNhance

This is a revisit of Thor's Helmet a year later, this time using the L-eNhance filter. I like the result that this filter brings to this particular target.
I do intend to continue experimenting, adding more integration time, and possibly combining broadband unfiltered with this.

8" f/4 TS Newtonian Astrograph
iOptron CEM40
TS Coma Corrector
ASI Air Plus
180"X50 subs
Gain 0
Processed with APP and Photoshop, with final enhancements with Astro Sharp
Here is a link to a full res. on Astrobin, with slightly different colors and enhanced sharpness:


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