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Rearranging OTA on observatory pier

Rearranging OTA on observatory pier

I decided to pull TSA120 off pier and rearrange other scopes to make position for my new SVX090T. Pic taken with ME-II/OAE parked with SVX090T at lower position, SVX140T in middle and Tak E-160ED at upper. Have ADM Alt-Az on SVX140T but haven’t added piggyback scope there yet. Spent the past two days pulling gear off pier and then accurately weighing & determine balance points of each scope before placing in new positions on pier. Moved saddle plates a bit on large side-by-side array and shifted underlying versaplate to forward position. After I added Pier-Tech PT3 I had a few less inches of clearance from roof and needed to ‘off-center’ my side-by-side plate in park position to clear ROR. I’m now in good shape with proper balance on RA/DEC. I still need to remount StarTech & PowerPole hubs which were on accessory plate of TSA120.

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