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Total Solar Eclipse Observations - 2017 Vs 2024

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2024 A. G. Flowers

Total Solar Eclipse Observations - 2017 Vs 2024

My personal observations/opinions comparing two eclipses I have seen.

2017 - Greenville, SC
- Mostly Cloudy Morning
- Clouds dissolved to clear sky for entire eclipse
- Took 5 hours to travel from metro Atlanta to Greenville
- Sky had dusky orange-tint before totality
- Sky was suprisingly dark
- Corona dusky orange-gray with a few tiny red dots visible unassisted
- Totality circle is not readily visible live - video scroll shows as overhead moving darkening of sky
- All major planet targets visible
- Many stars visible
- Many planes visible
- Stacking images from camera pulled additional stars
- Imaging Camera - 360fly camera

2024 - Texarkana, TX
- Clear morning degrading to mostly cloudy (severe weather passed through near sunset)
- Cloud cover decreased during eclipse
- Cloud cover made the totality shadow approach and departure dramatic
- Sky more silver/deep bluish before totality
- Sky appeared much brighter than last one > More like 5-10 minutes after sunset
- Corona very orange with unassisted large pink spots
- Only Venus observable from my location (no Jupiter, comets, planes)
- Stacking has not brought out stars, planets or comets through the cloud cover
- Imaging Camera - Samsung Gear 360 (2017)

Partial/high level cloud cover brings out the size and speed of totality at the cost of corona detail, planets, stars, and other objects.
Both eclipse were worth the travel to see.


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