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January 2015 Winner: Roel

January 2015 Winner: Roel

Sketch by member Roel
On the evening of January 3 the skies finally cleared and my 3″ Polarex Unitron was quickly set up in the backyard. Crater Pythagoras on the northeastern limb of the Moon looked particularly nice – like a deep rocky bowl in the lunar surface. Seeing conditions were fair, so I pumped up the magnification to a crazy (for a 3″) 200x. It still gave a pleasant and sharp view and sketching was quite comfortable with the crater looking big in the eyepiece.
Pythagoras is a 130km wide impact crater with staggering 5km high terraced walls. The central peaks (I could see two of them) are also pretty huge: 3,5km high! Imagine the panoramic view from the top op one of those mountains….
Sketch made with a pastel pencil on black paper, through a 3″ Polarex Unitron at 200x (Baader 6mm BGO). The image is mirror reversed.

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    Awesome sketch !

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    Unbelievable details. Looks like photograph. Congratulations.

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    Feb 10 2015 07:27 AM

    Congratulations Roel, on a very fine sketch of the lunar crater Pythagoras, and I believe you have tied with me for 4 wins over the mid-month photographers!



    At first I thought it was a picture! What detail, and the shading has such a three dimensional look about it. Absolutely terrific.

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    Great sketch! Do you have other sketches we could see?

    Great ! You are the sketching king of Astroforum !


    That is truly outstanding!

    Amazing details, great sketch!

    Saint Aardvark
    Feb 27 2015 11:13 PM

    That sketch made my jaw drop.  Well done!

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