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Jupiter and Io

Jupiter and Io

Wade Knowles 23Mar05 Aprox. 1k frames processed in Registax3, taken thru XT10 on CG-5AS mount using NexImage and Tele Vue 5X powermate, 1/5th sec. exposure, 5fps, gain ~ 45%.

    Wow! That's a great image Wade. How in the world did you get Registax to handle that many images? Every time I try more than 300 or so, it sort of pretends to do something and then goes back to the starting point. Dave
    Nice image. Doesn't the 5x powermate and neximage put the magnification well past a 10 inch scope's maximum useful magnification? How were you able to obtain such a clear image at such high magnification? Matt
    Amazing detail! Nice work 8-)!
    Mattb, when imaging you can push the limits of magnification well past what you could for visual observing. That is one of the great attractions of imaging because you get to see far more detail than you could visually from the same telescope. Wade, very nice image there. Lots of great detail!

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