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group picture

group picture

25x150 Fujis and 25x100 Oberwerk set up in Mr. Bill's backyard for an evening's work.

    Both binoculars are set up on Universal Astronomics mounts. The 100s are on the heavy UniStar mount and the 150s are on the Sirius B mount with Fuji pedestal mount .
    Mr. Bill-where is your backyard located. It looks beautiful.
    Serious hardwood tripod on the 25X100 :O
    Feb 13 2009 11:38 PM
    the 150's look like they are on a losmandy G11. Veeeery Cooooooool Setup
    Feb 14 2009 09:01 AM
    I know your fuji setup is made to be used with the fuji mount, but its not better and cheaper to use it in its original design, the Sirius without the fuji mount? less weight and you can point to zenith?
    Yes, where are those skies?
    Great looking picture.

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