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Canon 8x25 IS

Canon 8x25 IS

Canon 8x25 IS , 10x42L IS WP and 12x36 IS II

    That's a nice collection you have there Joe. I have been considering the 8x25 IS as my next purchase. I really can't supress all the shakes at 8x, so I figure Image stablization is the way to go. I just love the idea of walking around and not have to pack a tripod for good, steady views. Do you think that the 10x30 is worth the extra weight and cost?
    Get the 8x25's and you will love them. I was at a lake today with the 8x25's and I was amazed at how great they were for a $200 binocular made in Japan. They are sharp and have great contrast but the IS is what makes them a steal. The 10x30's would be my second choice for a low cost IS binocular. Joe

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