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M42 & M43 Orion Nebula Complex

M42 & M43 Orion Nebula Complex

Photographed Sep 7, 2005 Meade LXD75 8" f/4 SN Orion 910mm photo guidescope 30 minute hand guided exposure Fujichrome 400F Provia Olympus OM-1 & STI Stiletto www.PetesAstrophotography.com

    Rick Needham
    May 25 2006 10:53 PM
    Simply gorgeous! You caught just enough of the nebula where it looks its best.
    that is just an AWESOME photo- well done!! :)
    30 Minutes HAND GUIDED!?!?!? Wow, nice work! Beautiful Photo.
    Wonderful shot!
    Okay, found my OM-1 and dusted it off. Now, and this might sound silly, what is a stiletto focuser?? Cheers, Mike
    Jan 18 2007 06:41 AM
    Well done!! I love the details of the "arms" that swing off of this nebula. Gives a nice "3D" look.. The color is also striking!!
    A Stiletto Focuser is a small device to aid in focusing. Google "STI STILETTO" for details. PS: Thanks for all the great comments! CF
    Wait!!!, Hand Guided! WOW! it can't be. Amazing pic
    Truly Stunning Picture!
    You are a Hand guiding Master:D Great picture!

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