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M45 Pleiades Cluster

M45 Pleiades Cluster

Sep 8, 2005 Meade LXD75 8" f/4 SN Orion 910mm photo guidescope 35 minute hand guided exposure Fujichrome 400F Provia Olympus OM-1 & STI Stiletto Shot from central New Mexico

    Very well done, the reflection nebulas come out a bit to sharp and grainy, if you ask me. Still, excellent shot.
    Another fantastic shot, I really like your work!
    Jan 18 2007 06:39 AM
    Very nice.. Well done!! I always love looking for and at the nebulosity on the bottom coner. It has the most detail off all, and gotta love that blue!!
    The blue is the easy part - getting the RED (Ha) to show up in that part is the hard part! Thanks for all the nice comments! CF
    One beautiful image.
    This is one of my favourite clusters to look at, nice pic.
    wow! very nice!
    That is truely beautiful.
    Jack Tripper
    Oct 08 2009 05:08 PM
    Awesome. It almost looks like you drew in the reflection nebula!
    A beautiful shot of the " Seven Sisters" Quite clear and well done

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