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April 2008 - dietmar


April 2008 - dietmar

April 2008 Winner - CCD Imaging & Processing's Finalist - dietmar
NGC3718 + NGC3729 + Hickson 56 group
Location: 35 km north of Linz
Date: (10.2.+24.2.08-60min)+29.3.2008- seeing 7-8/10; transp. 9-10/10
Scope: 9" TMB Apo f/9 Lum; f/7 OSC
CCD: SXV H16 L: 27x10 min; SXVF M25C 27x10 min
Software: AstroArt4 image acqu. guiding, preprocessing: Maxim DL; Registax; CCD sharp
Processing: postprocess. PS CS2 and Pix InSight LE

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