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April 2009 - markseibold


April 2009 - markseibold

April 2009 Winner - Sketching Forum's Finalist - markseibold
I observed the moon with the public on ISAN April 4 and 5 2009 with use of a Nexstar 5i. I returned home for solitary observation through my 10.1" Newtonian; 32mm Plossl and 9.7mm Super Plossl eyepieces with medium ~ good seeing conditions; light breeze at 51 degrees F, from 6 UT ~ 8 UT April 5 to produce this large 22" X 30" multiple pastel impression on black Stonehenge paper with various off-white, blue and grey dry pastel chalks. Several areas of the terminator and surface areas were rendered in detail with medium high magnification at 180X; finally adding the artists conception from the surface of the moon at bottom. -Mark

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