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May 2011 - Michael11


May 2011 - Michael11

May 2011 Winner - Sketching Forum's Finalist - Michael11
This is my submission of a sketch of M13 - the Great Hercules Cluster. The drawing was made in Negev desert, while I was observing with my 8" Newtonian.
Sky transparancy was excellent (~6.8m), and M13 showed rich detail - including star streaks and dark filaments. Among them the famous "propeller" could be easily spotted (slightly right from the cluster's center in this sketch).
Object: M13 - glubular cluster
Telescope: 8" Orion Skyview pro Newtonian
Eyepiece: 5mm Vixen LVW, at 200X
Time: 6.5.2011 , 24:00
Location: Negev desert, Israel
Inverted graphite pencil sketch on a white paper.

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