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March 2012 = Nightfly


March 2012 = Nightfly

March 2012 Winner - Film Astrophotography's Finalist - Nightfly
Orion's Sword
Date: March 12, 2012
Photographer: James Cormier
Equipment: Pentax Spotmatic II 35mm SLR with 300mm f/4 SMC Takumar wide open. Camera piggybacked on Meade 2080 SCT.
Tracking: Manually corrected via illuminated reticle eyepiece and drive corrector.
Sensor: Kodak GA 100-7 ISO 100 chemical based sensor (one time use)
Exposure: 30 minutes (continuous)
Sky Quality: SQM 21.4 mags/sq arc sec. Mag limit 6.7 + at zenith
Location: Flanders Pond Observatory, East Sullivan, Maine

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