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July 2012 - lacomj


July 2012 - lacomj

July 2012 Winner - Beginning and Intermediate Imaging's Finalist - lacomj
Jeff (lacomj)
NGC6823 Emission nebula and star cluster. Narrowband Image with HSHO filters as LRBG. Image data acquired from Virginia City, Nevada (outside Reno) USA on the nights of 7/10 and 7/11 2012.
Full-sized image of NGC6823 at Flickr.
Boren Simon 8" Powernewt with ASA f/2.8 2KORRR reducer/corrector
SBIG ST-8300M CCD camera with FW8-8300 Filter Wheel (LRGBHOS) @ -10C
Orion Mini Autoguider Guide Scope w/Fishcamp Starfish guide camera
Atlas EQ-G mount
Image Details:
705 mins total exposure (11.75 hrs)
Luminance: Hydrogen: 73x300s
Red: Sulfur-II: 32x300s
Green: Hydrogen-alpha: 73x300s
Blue: Oxygen-III: 36x300s
Image acquired using Equinox Image, with guiding through PhD. Preprocessing (darks, flats) prepared using Nebulosity. Stacking and post-processing performed using PixInsight, Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe Photoshop.

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