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December 2013 - Roel


December 2013 - Roel

December 2013 Winner - Sketching's Finalist - Roel
Hereby I would like to submit my sketch of Langrenus crater made December 19th.
Although the Moon just peeked over the warm roof tops at the end of the evening, I couldn't resist myself to make a quick sketch through my Polarex Unitron 75mm f/16 refractor. The seeing was horrible but at a magnification of 92x the image was quite pleasing. Langrenus is big enough (133 km wide) to view even at low power, and yesterday it proved to be a nice target for sketching. The floor of the crater was already pitch black, only the top of the outer rim received some last sunlight before entering a cold, two week night. The little triplet of craters Naonobu, Bilharz and Atwood made the view even more appealing.
I made the sketch with a white pastel pencil on black paper.
(The image is a photograph of the original drawing behind the eyepiece)

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    Very beautifully executed!!
    Well done ~
    ... pastel pencil? .... Not conte.....

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