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January 2014 - Asbytec


January 2014 - Asbytec

January 2014 Winner - Sketching's Finalist - Asbytec
Here's my entry for Jan 2014 sketching contest.
I chose this one because it was the most unique so far this season. The Io transit shortly after opposition was amazing in that I suspected being able to observe Io eclipse it's own shadow. It was also faintly visible against the SEBn.
The festooning was pretty nice, but the cloud features in the north were quite nice even if LRS-1 was missed. Some of the rifting in the SEB was unique, as well, in that it's not often observed. Neither are the ovals in the SSTeB preceding the GRS. It was a great night worthy of sharing.
This sketch was made beginning 1700UT on 8 Jan from Luzon in the Philippines. Seeing was good to excellent, transparency was average. Equipment used was a 150mm MCT on an undriven EQ mount. Magnification was 240x with 8mm TMB II.
I'd prefer to submit the sketch in my avatar, it is more detailed and maybe a little better rendered. This one is more unique, so it was a tough choice. I hope I chose well.

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