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Is that an eye lash?

Is that an eye lash?

Testing the high setting on the butt tray.

    I recognize that wingless Bat in the picture. That is a great looking scope!!! Charles
    For Phoenix, the rooftop AC or evap sure is familiar, but those sure are odd looking Mexican Birds of Paradise growing by the house. They look more like roses. We have a place off Southern & 40th. It's rare nights when we get to see all the stars in the major constellations. On a dark-sky scale how would you rate us? What do you do, drive to Sedona or the top of South Mountain?
    Scott Beith
    Jan 09 2006 04:08 PM
    Sure is a little fellow for such a big scope. ;-)
    Mike Clemens
    Feb 10 2006 03:12 AM
    > Is that an eye lash? One can hope :) I remember a guy who was not fully proficient at English posting a complaint online about a telescope he bought that came with an _eyelid_ stuck to it! He figured out his error in terminology once the responses started coming in.
    Sep 05 2008 11:42 PM
    Gee that looks comfortable :)
    ..."wingless bat???"...

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