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North American Nebula (NGC7000)

North American Nebula (NGC7000)

135mm F/4 lens on an Olympus Om-1 Hand guided 30 minutes with a Meade LXD75 Fujichrome 400F Provia film

    Jan 18 2007 06:35 AM
    Very nice widefield shot of NGC7000. Widefield shots of and threw the milkyway are a favorite of mine.
    Magnificent! It doesn't get much better than this.
    Very nice. And on film too.
    holy cow! thats beautiful!
    That is a super-duper photo! (I am running out of adjectives for all your stunning work!)
    Best NGC 7000 photo I've ever seen - Congratz
    There's too many stars. You should ask the star god to get rid of some.
    Holy cow its a white out!! great image clownfish
    Dramatic to the extreme!!!
    Nice! Wish I could see this visually through my dob!

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