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Cygnus - Wide Field

Cygnus - Wide Field

This is a 30 minute exposure of Cygnus taken with a 28mm lens at f/4. The exposure was on Fujichrome 400F Provia film, shot with an Olympus OM-1. Manual guiding done with an Orion 912mm guidescope on a Meade LXD75 mount.

    I'm a fan of your work which continues to amaze all and defy the experts with a average guidescope and LXD75 mount along with a cheap film camera. Great shot Clownfish! Kenny J
    Mark Costello
    Aug 02 2007 12:11 PM
    What a jawdropper!! Beautiful!
    I really like this one. It's a stunner.
    Jan 06 2008 07:56 AM
    Wide field shots are for the win!! They are simply stunning as with zoomed in pics. It's very cool to see such a well shot, wide field view of the skies above!!
    Simply breathtaking! And thanks for sharing. qianniu
    WOW. Look at all that Hydrogen! What a wonderful shot!
    Oct 01 2008 09:16 PM
    Excellent Image. I'm a big fan of the OM-1's. I have one too!
    Super stunning, is all!!!
    Excellent imaging!
    Absolutely gorgeous.

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