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November 2016 Randolph Jay

imaging/sketching contest

November 2016 Randolph Jay

Randolph Jay
Here is the sketch of Plato on the waning moon that I did on November 22nd from Sarasota Florida. I used a Skywatcher 90mm Mak-Cass with a Televue 9mm lens. The sketch was done on Artagain black sketch paper, Conte white and black pastel crayons and pencils and some white charcoal. I used a cell phone camera and then created the black oval mask using Gimp. I am posting the labelled version of this sketch. The labels were also added using Gimp. What a sight! Unfortunately the next two nights/ mornings were clouded out or I would have done more early morning observing.

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    Dec 29 2016 02:32 AM


    Randolph, this is absolutely gorgeous. The textures across the surface of the mares is wonderful, and the shadows… incredible!

    thought it was in image!

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