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M31, M32 & M110

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Alen Koebel

M31, M32 & M110

M31, the Andromeda Galaxy, with its attendant dwarf galaxies M32 and M110. This is a full-frame image on 35mm slide film. I didn't know much about image processing back when I took this (and I'm still learning!). The purple cast of the arms is one result. Judging by what the original slide looks like, there is more that can be pulled from the scanned image with more skillful processing.

_Imager: Olympus OM-1, Fujichrome Provia 400F film, scanned at 4,032 x 2,688 (10.8 MP). _Scope: Meade LXD55 SN6 6-inch f/5 Schmidt-Newtonian OTA on Vixen GP-DX mount w/Skysensor 2000PC. _Exposure: Single, 30 minutes. _Guider: Manually guided with 80mm f/5 guidescope. _Date: Sept, 2005. _Location: Near Ayton, Ontario, Canada.

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