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observatory Meade


Brad Heide 2016

20170101 144135

    Aug 05 2020 11:11 AM

    How does this hold up in the winter? I'm in Massachusetts so Ive been debating this or a SkyShed Pod.... Any insight would be great. 
    Clear Skies ! 

    Hi OrionNebula32,

    My NexDome has survived 4 winters now. Snow really isn't a problem for it. You do of course sometimes have to brush it off or bang the ice off before opening it up. I have had some issues with cracks forming on folds and joints. The manufacturer sent me some free epoxy compound that fills in and repairs the cracks and that seems to be holding for the most part. Some of the cracks formed under fasteners which may have been my fault for over tightening the screws (don't over tighten!) Other cracks however formed no where near fasteners. Most were small. I liken them to cracks that form in drywall when a new house settles. They haven't seemed to get much worse the last couple of years and the epoxy repair kit covers them. I can't say if it was the cold of winter or not that led to them. In any case I still use the dome regularly and it does its job so I'm happy with it. I've never been in a skyshed so I can't give you a comparison, but I do appreciate the protection from the wind the NexDome slot style shutter provides, especially in winter.


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