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20170102 120932

observatory Meade equipment


Brad Heide 2016

20170102 120932

Here you can see how I've mounted the Kendrick Astro equipment above and below the LX850 saddle plate counter weight (using velcro.) At the top is a DigiFire 12 controller for the dew removal heaters. Below it is the LINX Power Panel. You can see it uses Anderson Power Pole connectors which allows it to be small enough to mount on the scope itself. Underneath the counter weight is the Kendrick 12V powered USB 3.0 hub. All this is powered by a single cable that runs internally through the mount down to a 12V switching power supply on the floor. A USB cable also runs from the hub, internally through the mount, down to the ground and over to one of the storage bays where I can set up a laptop. With this setup cable management has not been a problem so far. I can plug a camera into the hub and DigiFire controller such that it's cables travel with the scope.

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