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Windex makes your glass disapear <g>

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Windex makes your glass disapear <g>

Myself and my 12"lx200/102mmF5 skywatcher inside my Polystar homemade dome observatory.My wife forgot to say "smile"

    What do you use to clean the corrector+mirrors? Thanks! (I assume the "Windex" is a joke...)
    Hi Alegator, Actually I don't have to clean but once a year or so.I use a clear cleaner I found for cleaning my glasses.It isn't special or anything but does a great job breaking down the tree sap stuff I get on my corrector.I have used windex as well on a small spot and no problems from that use.One thing I have started to use this year is a flow of compressed air from my shop compressor.The air goes thru a very good filter first and I just use the air at a very sharp angle to move the cleaning solution around.I wipe(softly)with a high quality tissue for lab use(lens cleaning kind).I end up with a surface that looks as if it has disappeared,like in the photo.PS if you use compressed air like I do make sure to use a nozzel with a rubber tip or tape at the least.You don't need a lot of air to do the job.Needs to be clean and dry for sure.I have never touched my mirror and it would require a huge amount of garbage to get me to even try.Just not worth it.Hope this helps some.Oh yeah one more thing,clean your corrector with it sort of pointing down to the ground.Keeps stuff from going inside the tube I guess,I don't see how but I do it anyway <g> Tom Munroe
    that's a nice looking scope you've got there, tom! :)
    Jun 23 2011 01:12 PM
    That's one nice looking setup Tom. What are you using for couterweights? Are they galvanized water pipes & caps?
    Don't believe I have ever seen a corrector that invisible! Great cleaning job...

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