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Lunar Cross of another Kind, Hipparchus, Albategnius, & Klein

Lunar Cross of another Kind, Hipparchus, Albategnius, & Klein

On the terminator, my eyes were drawn to 2 craters, one filling with the light of sunrise and the other still in deep shadow. The shadowed crater showed an obvious cross like reflection of light which I first thought was Purbach X but realized I was not near Purbach and probably hours too early.

The 2 prominent craters being Hipparchus and Albategnius, a pair of ancient impact craters lying in the lunar central highlands east of Mare Nubium. Hipparchus is 160 kilometers (100 miles) wide. Albategnius is a slightly smaller 136 kilometers (85 miles), its walls have huge peaks rising in places 3000-4250 meters (10,000-14,000 feet) above the plain. Hipparchus lies to the north with deeply shadowed Horrocks lying within it.

The cross feature is made up of the battered southwest wall of Albategnius and craters Parrot and Klein. The most northern reflection of light comes from the central peak within Albategnius, rising some 1200 meters (4000 ft) from the bed floor.

Black ArtAgain paper
White charcoal block and pencils
Black charcoal pencil
Maui, HI 4,000 el

12.5: Portaball Reflector
6mm ES
Antoniadi 2/5, T 6/7
5 March, 2017 2050-2130 HST

Cindy L Krach

    Randolph Jay
    Nov 27 2018 08:21 PM

    Simply stunning!!!  Beautiful and ethereal and...(sigh) magnificent!

    Aren't we earthlings lucky to have such landscapes to enthrall us!!



    Many thanks Randolph, so many beautiful things to sketch, so few clear nights!

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