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PEMpro 02032017 1

PEMpro 02032017   1

For re-doing the PEC for the mount, I had several issues. The PEC file would not upload and would time out. This is still somewhat of an issue. Feedback from PEMpro states that this is due to garbage data in the memory of the mount and needs to be cleaned up with the Autostar Update function: tools garbage collection. I tried running this, but the systems just sat there for 10 minutes with no change. I will need to try this again. I reset the Autostar to the factory defaults and reset the user setting to my baseline. I then zeroed the PEC curve and ran PE data. This is the zeroth data and the PEC fit. The data was noisy even with very good polar alignment. Later I tried a longer exposure time and this reduced the noise significantly for some of the refinement attempts.

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