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February 2017 srosenfraz

imaging/sketching contest

February 2017 srosenfraz

CCD Imaging & Processing

NGC 1333 in Perseus
Captured November 2, 5, 24, and 29, 2016 from Pine Mountain Club, Ca.

Optics: Nikon 600mm f/4 ED IF @ f/6
Camera: QSI 690wsg-8
Mount: Schaefer GEM
Guiding: QSI 690 OAG, SXV-AOQSIUSB Adaptive Optics, Lodestar Autoguider, PHD2 Guiding
Astrodon Gen 2 Series E LRGB: 100:11:10:19 x 600, bin 1x1 @ -10C
Total integration time: 11 2/3 hours
Typical SQM: 21.3
Ambient: 5C
50 darks, 40 flats, 200 bias
Software: Images Plus 6.0 Camera Control, Phd2 Guiding, Images Plus 6.5, Photoshop CS5, Focus Magic, Gradient Xterminator, Carboni Tools, HLVG, Registar 64.

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    That is amazing.  Thank you for sharing.


    This must have taken an incredible amount of work on top of expertise and talent. I am brand new to astronomy and astrophotography, but have been a serious amateur photographer for years and am very serious about learning to do work like this. If you don’t mind taking the time, it would be incredibly helpful to hear the story behind this photo - how you picked the subject, how you selected and used your equipment, how you processed the images.  If you were able to walk through your technique, I (and probably others) would seriously follow your steps as a case study to learn how to do work like this. In any event, thanks for sharing your work. 

    I thought Rosenfraz and Guildenstern were dead ... just kidding.  Fantastic image.

    I got about 3 hours on 1333 about a month ago on my D5300 modded, and was thrilled with my result---now it's back to the drawing board!!!


    Seriously, inspires me to keep trying!


    Just beautiful!


    Nicely done...is that 600 mm aperture lens?  that's huge!  Or is that teh focal lengt?


    humbling and indescribably beautiful!


    May 01 2020 04:34 AM

    Amazing! What I love is all the dark dust! Gives it a sense of depth!

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