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Resolution test

Resolution test

The licence plate numbers of cars were easily read through the 20x80 Triplet at 600 meters distance whereas the 10x50 failed. The digicam image can't show nearly the resolution of the live view, however.

    Mar 20 2006 10:24 PM
    How did you couple the camera to the binocular to achieve this photo? I have tried holding the camera to the binocular eyepiece manually, but it is difficult for me to hold the camera steady and keep it aligned so not to vignette the view. Do you use an adapter or coupler? Thanks... MikeG
    Mike, I held the digitalcamera by hand against the ocular. It's possible because I can see the image in the small screen before I snap it. I want to mention that my camera has no optical zoom, I tried with a friends camera with 3x zoom but this was too difficult by hand. Patric
    Jul 11 2006 07:26 PM
    Looks like someone buried a car up to the doors in the middle of the road...:-)
    About one year after this picture was taken I tried the same thing with my 15x70. I could barely read the licence plate numbers with 15x and it was easy to mix up 0:s and 8:s. Magnification rules, and I understand that likely not even the sharpest optics available with 15x will defeat a 20x budget optics in definition.

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