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University 20mm Plossl

University 20mm Plossl

eyepiece states University wide View 20mm Plossl multi-coated, made in Japan Sticker and a smaller one that read N.S. Any info would be appreciated, a dealer found it out back in their shop and had it ina discount bin, new in box so I snatched it up.

    Check University Optics, although if they made that it must be at least 20 years ago!!!
    This was in a series of parfocal, 55° AFOV "Wide View Plossls" that UO sold circa 1980s. I found the 26mm was a little soft at f/6 field edges, but the 17mm did better at f/6 and was also nice on planets with a C-8. 26mm was fine at f/8 and longer. Eye relief on 17mm starts to get a bit close.

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