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The Entire Lineup

The Entire Lineup

In no particular order: Fujinon FMT-SX 16x70, Nikon 12x50SE, Orion Ultraview 10x50, Nikon 10x42LX, Nikon 10x42SE, Nikon 8x42LX, William Optics APO 8x42, Nikon 8x30 EII, Carl Zeiss Jena NVA DF 7x40, and BPO 7x30.

    Apr 18 2006 08:00 PM
    Walter,This collection would make any binonuts heart beat faster. Steve
    Thanks Steve!
    That's a very nice collection you have there. Is there any particular reason you bought the 8x42 LX and the 10x42LX both?
    Mainly magnification vs. fov; they're both excellent binoculars!
    Walter, I have tried the Nikon 10x42 SE once. Do you experience the 12x50 SE to be considerably harder to handhold? These binos attract me... What is your opinion about the difference between the LX and SE 10x42 versions? Pros and cons? Patric
    Hello Patric, The 12x50 SE is a very comfortable binocular to hold and it is not significantly more difficult to use than the 10x42 SE. The SE vs. LX question is very good and I will give it some thought and answer it on the Cloudy Days forum soon. Thanks, Walter
    Thanks Walter, I look forward to read your thougts! Patric
    Has anyone got any pills to slow down my pulse rate ? :-) Kenny
    Is that the 'Binocular Cluster' in Gemini ;-)
    very nice!

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