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Image12 SM


Bob Yoesle MAD Observatory

Image12 SM

    Hey Im Wayne.

    I am very new to learning about our closest star.

    I just browsing posts and galleries, trying to absorb all the info and pretty pictures.


    When i saw this picture, i had to stop and say... Nice PIC!  Not that would would fully understand your reply because i have a lot to learn,

    But i would like to know..... what did you use and how did you obtain such a beautiful scary image?


    I Love it.

    Thank you for sharing.


    Hi Wayne,


    See my solar imaging tutorial starting here:




    After doing the processing described, I made a negative image of the disc and superimposed it on the positive image which shows the prominences. I then split the greyscale image into three identical images, adjusted their brightness, assigned RGB values, and recombined to get the colorization that you see.



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