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Jupiter and 5 moons

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  • Uploaded: Aug 30 2003 06:58 PM
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Jupiter and 5 moons

What do you think, good orbad shot? CigTech

    A trick I use to capture Jupiter and the moons is to go ahead and take my detail picture of Jupiter. Then I move the camera right or left to capture the first set of moon(s) but still keep a edge of jupiter in the shoot. Then I move from the first moon out further to catch the next set of moon(s) but keeping the first moon in the shoot. By doing this on both sides of Jupiter it is easy now to overlay each of you pictures and keep the correct perspective and distances acurate. After overlaying I cut out the overlays and flatten the image and if everything went right you have a nice higher detail Jupiter with the moons. By the way great shoot! Charles
    great catch of Jupiter's moons!

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