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My first real attempt at narrow band images. This is the core of the North American Nebula NGC7000. There are still many issues with the image. My flats just failed completely and I need to figure out what went wrong. Also my william optics flattener IV would not reach focus with the adapters that I had and the edge of field stars are elongated. Regardless, this is my first real image.

Orion EON 115mm APO with William optics flattener IV - F/5.5
ASI1600MM-C at -15C; gain 76, offset 40, USB 70
Sequence Generator Pro for image capture and autofocus
ASI 7nm Ha, OIII and SII NB filters with Baader UVIR for L
Rendered as LHaSIIOIII for LRGB
Calibrated and stacked in Pixinsight, finished in Photoshop CC

L - 30 X 180s
Ha - 15 X 240s
OIII - 15 X 240s
SII - 15 X 240s

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