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C19 4k 2017


the Elf

C19 4k 2017

Cocoon Nebula Caldwell 19 / Sh-125. Cluster: IC5146.
Celestron AVX (adjusted, re-lubed), GSO RC6, CCD47 0.68x reducer, Baader UHC-S filter, Canon EOS 600D (Rebel T3i) unmodified
Guiding: TSLD50D, modified to 320mm by barlow lens, ASI120MM
15 subs of 5 minutes. 35 darks, 60 flats, 100 bias, processed with PI.
When the image was taken the air was full of sand that came up from the african Sahara dessert. At daytime the sun was red like suset at noon. This results in the flares around the stars and tiny little spices which you cannot see here because CN reduces the images resolution so much.

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