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Mars? Maybe?

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  • Uploaded: Sep 13 2003 10:25 PM
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Mars? Maybe?

I took this photo while viewing Mars. Well, all my other photos looked different. So, this photo remains a mystery.

    That's the only one that looks like Mars. Looks as though the camera was jiggling, though. It's best to use a remote trigger or a timed release so the "shake" from pressing the trigger button doesn't affect the shot.
    Kutibah Chihabi
    Sep 13 2003 11:01 PM
    Well, I still don't have a camera mount so I was doing it by hand.
    Ah. You're nearly there; try holding the camera VERY steady and improve the focus and you'll have a Mars shot.
    What it probably is, is a picture of half of Mars and half of the inside of your EP. I get that easily when shooting planets if the planet drifts outside of my camera's field of view. Plus your out of focus. You'll correct all of this when you get a camera adapter. Charles

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